• A fresh take.

    A fresh take.

    getting the most out of your mobile device

    SplashPad Mobile offers a fresh take on classic games and applications. We make waves in the Android app market by bringing more features and utility to the core mobile apps that help you get the most out of your mobile phone or tablet.

We’ve splashed into the Android Marketplace on Google Play! Check out our latest games and mobile apps!
Mobile Platforms

With the advent of mobile platforms, every software company with a stake in the mobile app market has tried to create an operating system to help them float to the top. We know which Android apps are right for the application and make sure our businesses floats alongside industry leaders.

Tattoo Designs Android App Discover body art you’ll want to wear forever with Tattoo Designs FREE for Android. Get tattoo ideas from awesome tattoo designs by amazing tattoo artists. Over 10,000 tattoo pictures are easy to browse through using our simplifying category system. Give your body the best. Find tattoos with meaning using this easy-to-use tattoo app.
Marketing & Distribution

No one markets or distributes mobile apps on a scale like we do. While the rest of the industry is busy chasing the tails of the cumbersome tech giants, we nimbly move within the market space with new tactics and models to go where no other Android app has gone before.

Crossword Puzzles App for Android Top Crossword Puzzles Android app features free daily and weekly crosswords from The New York Times Classic, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and more. No other Crossword app has this many features! All puzzles in this app are free and there are no ads.
Design & Development

We really have captured some of the brightest, most creative minds available in the industry. Unlike most businesses, everyone of us has a stake in the success of our company and demands the very best in Design and Development of all our mobile Android app products and processes.

Swizzle Drink Recipes Recipes app for cocktails, mixed drinks and non-alcoholic beverages